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Catholic Agency for Overseas Development

CAFOD Lancaster St Walburge's Gardens, Preston PR2 2QJ Tel: 01772 33310

email: lancaster@cafod.org.uk

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Here at OUR LADY & ST EDWARD’S we are celebrating becoming a ‘CAFOD: LIVE SIMPLY PARISH’
This award is made to communities who can show how they have been living simply,
sustainably with creation and in solidarity with people in poverty.


Did you know...

A big "Thank you" from the CAFOD Group to the many parishioners who signed cards last year in support of CAFOD's "Power to Be" campaign to persuade the World Bank to support renewable rather than fossil-fuel energy projects in developing countries. In a major policy shift, the Bank has now announced that it will stop its support for oil and gas exploration and production after 2019. You really made a difference!

Sunday 15 April 2018 - Peace and Justice Kalomo CAFOD
The PARISH CAFOD GROUP is very pleased to tell you that with the money raised recently -£410- we have ordered the following World Gifts – 10 Healthy Mother and Baby @£30 each, 22 Seeds of Hope @ £5 each. These are part of the Match Funding programme and will therefore be doubled . Thank you for your continuing support.

Many thanks to everyone for your great generosity with the recent Parish Cafod Lent Fast Day envelope collection which totalled £1334.56.
(£840.46 of this was Gift Aided which means a further £210 will be added.)
This will then be doubled with the match- funding. Many people in African countries will benefit through your kindness.

The Parish Cafod Group wish to say thank you to parishioners for their generosity at the recent Soup Lunch.
The total raised today was £320 – Donations = £207, Raffle = £61, knitted things = £52.

The Cafod group is very pleased to tell you that the following World Gifts have been bought on behalf of our Parish :
1 Water Testing Kit @£254 ;
4 x Help a Refugee Child @ £46 each = £184;
1x Solar Lamp @ £32 ;
6 x Net that protects @ £7 each = £42
The Coffee Morning in December raised £459.78,
the knitted goods and other donations raised a further £53.40.
Thanks to everyone for your continuing support and generosity.



For a 4th time, the UK Government has chosen CAFOD to receive UK Aid matched-funding
Money raised for our Family Fast Day Appeal in the three months
from Shrove Tuesday 13 February, to Saturday 12 May,
will be match-funded by the UK government, therefore doubling the impact of your donations.
The money from the UK Government will fund a three-year project to improve nutrition in Zimbabwe, Eritrea and Zambia.
Receiving this grant is a testament to the incredible generosity of Catholic communities across England & Wales. Thank you !