Peru is home to 70% of the tropical glaciers in the world, however since the 1970s an estimated 40% of glacier coverage has melted in the Cordillera Blanca mountain range in Peru? High in the snow-capped Andes is the vibrant rural community of Cruz de Mayo. The community works together to protect their land. CAFOD's partner, CEAS, the Peruvian Church Social Action Commission, walks with the community, providing support, advice and training, as they work to care for their land, and protect and manage their water sources and protect the beautiful Lake Parón - an important water source for them. Cafod in our parish
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Cafod PRESTON 2015


18 December 2016

CAFOD Lancaster, St Walburge's Centre, St Walburge's Gardens, Preston, PR2 2QJ Tel: 01772 33310


Twitter @CAFODLancaster

Did you know.....



a lack of clean, safe water can lead to community tensions as well as the risk of disease? Water is scarce in Cecelia's village in Uganda. Between droughts and the dry season, the nearest river often dries up completely. As water runs out, tensions rise between the tribes in the area.

When she was a child, Cecelia's sister was killed as desperate people fought over the dwindling resources. A CAFOD-supported project repaired a vital borehole in Cecelia's village and provided tools and training to community members so that they can maintain it. Now they have their own source of clean water, there is no violence.

September 2017

The Parish Cafod Group have decided to donate £250 to the Emergency Appeal
and to buy the following World Gifts with the funds raised since March :

£254 - Water Testing Kit

£300 - Medical Outreach team

£108 - 2 x Greenhouses

£20 - 2x brilliant birds


£60 - 2 x Healthy mother and baby

£85 - 1 Toilet

£10 - 1 Football

£7 - 1 Mosquito Net

Many thanks to the parish for your continuing support.


The Passover Supper in Holy Week raised £268,
shared between CAFOD and Kalomo

Many thanks to all parishioners who have continued to support Cafod and helped to raise £1002.37
since last June in the following ways:


The Soup Lunch money has been used to support the Altiplano Project, the Quiz money for a water project
and the remainder for a viariety of World Gifts


£534.85 Harvest Fast day - Soup Lunch £131.72Live Simply Quiz
£27 Parish Centre Bar Jar
£101.15 Knitted items
£207.64 other donations


7 Bountiful Bolivia gifts for the Altiplano project : £532
7 x 10 - veg garden............................£70
7 x £54 Build a Greenhouse..............£378
7 x 12 Squirming worms ....................£84



4 Water for a family ............................................£132

World Gifts

3 Healthy mum and baby........................................£90
5 Trees for life........................................................£35
5 Teach a child to read...........................................£50
5 Footballs.............................................................£50
6 Tippy Taps..........................................................£60
1 immunise a child...................................................£14
1 pair pigeons...........................................................£9
1 Goat....................................................................£28




CAFOD UPDATE - OCTOBER - Thank you to everyone who came to the Soup Lunch and donated so generously to our Parish Project of supporting people in Bolivia - £531.35. We shall inform you of how it will be used as soon as possible. Many thanks also to everyone for your generous Harvest Fast envelope donations - £1023.75 of which £559 was Gift Aided. This will be sent directly to CAFOD.

July 2016 World Gifts
The PARISH CAFOD GROUP would like to thank parishioners for recent generous donations of £80. Since February, £830 has been raised and we have decided to use this to buy
the following World Gifts :1 Community Water Supply =£750; 2 Drought Resistant Crops : 2x£12 = £24; 2 Vegetable gardens : 2x£10 = £20; 1 Goat that gives = £28
Meal for someone in Poverty =

Cafod reports that there are 10 million people in the affected area, and it’s not widely reported so far.
Cafod asks us to help take steps now, before many die. .
Information at:

June 2016 Recently a further £465 has been paid into the KALOMO account. Many thanks to everyone. Barbara Ryan

CAFOD REPORTS: April 2016 The Catholic people donated £4.3m in Lent. The government, as promised, matched the first £3.5m, so in total nearly £8m goes to helping people in need !

Kalomo & CAFOD : March 2016

The Passover Supper in Holy Week raised £100.50 each for these two, (total £201) both amounts being paid to Kalomo and CAFOD the following day. (UKaid will have helped to double these donations!)

Thank you to all the people who came, to all the helpers, those who cooked the food, those who helped to set the tables in the afternoon, and especially to those who, although not involved, still helped to put up tables, lift down crockery from the high cupboards, and ensure that we had flowers on the tables. (The flowers were later placed in church). Everyone present helped, contributing so much by their presence and their enthusiasm - especially in singing and/or providing additional accompaniment for the singing!

Looking forward to next year! Do remember to book early as numbers are limited, children are welcome and there are always many 'repeat' bookings! (If you've never been, do look at 'Passover' with its explanation (fully illustrated) of what it's about.

It is NOT a 'Jewish Passover'. Jesus was a practising Jew and it was at his last Passover that he instructed the Apostles to 'Do this in memory of me!' So the focus of the 'new' Passover was to be on the sacrificial lamb. That lamb was, from the next day - Good Friday - to be himself, the 'Lamb of God'!


“The Parish Cafod Group thank you once again for your generosity. The Coffee Morning in December raised £230.
There have been many individual donations totalling £156.44 from you; added to the £332 raised at the Soup Lunch
and other donations of £92.55. This means that we have been able to buy many World Gifts.

February 2016
Cafod Soup Lunch made £436.25 through donations, raffle & sale of Easter knits. THANK YOU so much for your generosity
Our CAFOD LENTEN FAST DAY ENVELOPES raised £1254.24, which will be matched pound for pound by the government.
A tremendous effort. (Also £663.40 of the amount was Gift Aided.)


World Gifts
Since October our parish has raised £808.99 through the Soup Lunch, Coffee Morning and donations. The following World Gifts have been bought:

4 school starter packs - 4 x £25 = £100
4 teach someone to read: 4 x £10 = £40
3 immunise a child 3 x ££14 = £42
5 healthy Mum and baby 5 x £30 = £150
3 Vegetable gardens 3 x £10 = £30
3 water for a family 3 x £33 = £99
2 Chirpy Chicks 2 x £20 = £40
2 Meal for someone in poverty 2 x £8 = £16
2 Pigs 2 x £65 = £130
1 Donkey 1 x £49 = £49
3 Pairs pigeons 3 x £9 = £27
2 Goats 2 x £28 = £56
1 Make a child smile 1 x £22 = £22

December 2015

Our December coffee morning raised £230.10 – £20 of which was donated by someone who couldn’t come to the coffee morning.

There have also been quite a few donations recently – £50 – form a parishioner; £20 from people who couldn’t come to the soup
lunch; £39 from the bar bottle in the Parish centre; £7 – chutney; £15 – Christmas goods and “no change” donations; £16.05 box at the back of
church; £6.48 from a Cafod box = £153.53


November 2015

A NEW PRACTICAL PAGE - 'LIVING' - HAS BEEN ADDED to the Caring Section, covering Climate change and related problems and especially situations where we can help in our everyday lives, living more simply, dealing with waste properly, keeping the planet green for our grandchildren etc. It can be found here.

The CAFOD focus at present is a thankyou for help for refugees from many countries.



CAFOD: Harvest Fast Collection raised £1071.69 - many thanks.

October 2015 WATER COMPENSATION / CAFOD. Your water-compensation donations have come to £1780 - that provides 2 Community Water Supplies and 8 family-size Water Filters, via Cafod. Wonderful ! Thank you. Someone has asked: Can we still contribute? Yes, certainly.

The Parish Cafod Group have recently used fund-raised money for projects, on various ‘World Gifts’ including:-
a camel, community water supply, 4 donkeys, chicken coop, and water for a family.
Many thanks for your contributions that make this possible. You can find out more information about the gifts and what they represent at

The PARISH CAFOD GROUP have decided to use the £1150 raised  since January (2015) to buy two World Gifts – a Camel that Carries (£400), and a Community water Supply (£750), both of which will help families in parts of the Developing World to have more healthy lives. Many thanks for our continuing support and generosity.

£319.40 was raised at the Coffee Morning - thank you to everyone who came - and a further £13.65 was from cake sales at breakfast. There have also been donations of £24 from the Parish Centre “Bar Bottle”  and  £8 from the church porch box : totalling  £365.05. Thank you for your generous support.

December 2014

CAFOD World Gifts
are gifts that make a world of difference. They do something no pair of socks can, they change lives around the world.
Watch our video and see TVs Adrian Chiles discover just how much of a difference they can make to poor communities -

For more information on CAFOD’s World Gifts range,
click on the following link:

The CAFOD HARVEST FAST collection came to an excellent £1033.20. (plus over half of this amount was gift aided).
The SOUP LUNCH raised a further £372.20 for Cafod Projects.

EBOLA CRISIS “If people wish to help the people at risk from ebola, donations can be channelled via Cafod. Please put in an envelope and state ‘Cafod Ebola Crisis’. Make cheques payable to ‘CAFOD’. Give to a Cafod member or post through presbytery letterbox. The parish will forward them” Fr. Bob See Cafod Ebola Update on noticeboard in porch.

Weekend 11-12 October The CAFOD HARVEST FAST collection last week came to an excellent £1033.20. (plus over half of this amount was gift aided). The SOUP LUNCH raised a further £372.20 for Parish Cafod Projects.

Cafod Harvest Fast Collection (Weekend 4/5 October)

Sunday 5 October The recent Cafod/ Gaza collection came to £205.94. This together with the £25 donation for Cafod/Iraq, has been forwarded to CAFOD. Thank you for your generosity.

Saturday 4 October Cafod Soup Lunch

Parish Cafod Group

Many thanks to all those who came to the Afternoon Tea on Sat. June 14th - £221.50 was raised through your very generous donations. We are getting information about supporting a water project in the Philippines and will let you know what is decided as soon as possible. Thanks again for your continuing support.  Cath Noblet

Easter 2014 The Cafod Group thanks you for the magnificent £379 at the Soup Lunch. Thanks also to Mrs Blundell and Mrs Gregson for the knitted Easter bunnies and chicks which raised £45 of the total. We'll soon let you know what we plan to undertake with the funds.


We are pleased to tell you that a total of £1013.94 has been raised by the parish since last June:
£897.94 from Afternoon Tea and Soup Lunch,
£66.00 in donations from the Cafod Box in the porch and
£50.00 (Xmas donation from parishioner).
Thank you very much for your continued generosity. The group has decided to buy more World Gifts which will make a positive difference to many people’s lives in the Developing World. These gifts are as follows:

1 chicken breeding farm
1 beekeeping starter kit,
4 queen bees
6 squirming worms
1 goat
4 healthy mum and baby kits
2 community toilets
4 'immunise a child'
5 ‘a meal for someone in poverty’
12 school starter kits
5 teach a child to read
5 footballs
4 health kits
1 set of tools for an apprentice.



.... at the very least the typhoon raised the issue of climate change and our part in it. Prior to that, Pope Francis had asked: “Are we truly cultivating and caring for creation? Or are we exploiting and neglecting it? These are the questions that invite us into a restored relationship of harmony with Creation and one another.”
At the beginning of December A FURTHER £65 WAS DONATED to the Philippines Appeal.. Thank you.
PHILIPPINES. 15 December - Thank you. – we’ve sent £574, incl. your cheques. You can still donate, either using a Cafod donation envelope (see in porch) or your own envelope. Please put envelopes in collection basket or through parish house door.

November 2013 The SOUP LUNCH raised a wonderful £406.16 towards the parish CAFOD projects. Many thanks.


23/24th November Thank you for giving to the CAFOD- PHILIPPINES APPEAL last weekend £211.97 was raised. You can still donate, either using a Cafod donation envelope or your own envelope. (See in porch.) Please post envelopes in collection basket or through parish house door.

A National Appeal - families have been uprooted and are usually also bereaved; they will have lost their home & most of their possessions; many are injured or sick. With support from our bishops, CAFOD asks us to help. There are boxes in the porch for your donations. ((To Gift Aid, use one of the Cafod envelopes that are always in the porches and write name, address etc on it.or use aplain envelope and write name, address and “Cafod – refugees” on it.) There's a short CAFOD film which outlines the situation in Syria here:

PARISH CAFOD Group – Many thanks to everyone who came to our Afternoon Tea which raised £346.75 (incl. donations) and a further £19.43 from cake sales at Sunday breakfast. £55.60 has also been donated through the Cafod box in church.

Since March the parish had raised £682.18 for Cafod:
- £292.78 Soup Lunch
- £260 – Passover meal
- £23 knitted Easter chicks
- £106.40 donations

We bought:
1 vegetable garden
3 drought resistant crops
2 chirpy chicks
3 goats
2 cows
3 bikes for health workers
3 life-saving treatments for new mums and babies
3 to make a child smile

Saturday June 29th

OLSE Parish Centre : Parish Cafod Group AFTERNOON TEA

From Avenham Park - Sponsored walk with CAFOD & Christian Aid
– 5 or 10 mile choice of scenic riverside route. For Mums, Dads, Grandparents, little ones, young people, walkers.... everyone welcome. Pushchair, wheelchair and mobility scooter friendly route available. Guide dogs welcome.
CAFOD: 01772 733310

March 27th 2013 :
The Passover Supper raised £260 for CAFOD


CAFOD World Gifts Order.From May 2012 to the beginning of 2013 the Parish has raised £859.56 for Cafod . The following World Gifts have been bought by our parish and reflect our aim to support people in the Developing World in the areas of health and food :
10 health kits, 5 “Chirpy Chickens”, 3 goats, 1 cow, 4 bicycles, 5 New Mum and baby kits, 1 Immunise-a-child gift,
1 plant-a-sapling gift. Our thanks to everyone for your continuing commitment to the work of Cafod.

Would you like to win £63 million?

That's how much one person could have won on 5 December 2012, if they had found the right lottery ticket and could prove where they bought it! As it wasn't found, that sum will go to charity! Which do you think is preferable? For it to be won by a single person - or to be shared among many needy people?
It's nearly seven times as much as CAFOD raised over the whole country in the 3 spring months (see below) or over three times as much as CAFOD received when the Government matched that funding!

Why not subscribe to CAFOD's Lancaster Blog, their illustrated newsletter, which is always interesting.
The recent Advent edition has a poster which could be used for a church notice board
and the latest, for December 1st
has a story from the 'Living Simply Group' at St Joseph's Ansdell
who have received an award for their campaign.

Parish CAFOD Group

CAFOD World Gifts Order: The following World Gifts have been bought by our parish and reflect our aim to support people in the Developing World in the areas of health and food :
10 health kits, 5 “Chirpy Chickens”, 3 goats, 1 cow, 4 bicycles,
5 New Mum and baby kits, 1 Immunise-a-child gift, 1 plant-a-sapling gift.
Our thanks to everyone
for your continuing commitment to the work of Cafod.

*Between 17 Feb and 17 May Catholics donated £9.4 million to CAFOD of which £9.2 million was eligible for MATCHED FUNDING BY THE GOVERNMENT. So the total value of the Lent Appeal was £18.6 million for safe water, sanitation and hygience.

September 2012

Fairtrade supporters were walking in the Guild Trades Procession on Saturday 1st September, and apart from showing the various products, will be showing the benefits of Fairtrade, including clean water.

CAFOD in Preston Guild

CAFOD was very much part of Preston’s historic Guild celebration. It was our privilege to be part of the churches’ procession on Monday 3rd September,, walking not only with our Catholic parishes, but also in solidarity with those overseas who struggle on a day to day basis. We continue to give, act and pray for a more just world and thank the Catholics of Preston for the strength of their support.

August 2012

Did you know......the Sahel region extends through Niger, Mali, Senegal, Mauretania, Burkino Faso and Chad. Even in a 'normal' year, 40% of under-fives suffer chronic malnutrition. Last year the harvest was particuarly disastrous, and conflicts made it worse. Pope Benedict said earlier this year, 'I urge the international community to address seriously the extreme poverty of these people.' Cafod has pledged £300,000 to help, through local churches and with other Catholic agencies. Your generosity is making this possible. Thank you.

CAFOD has pledged £50,000 to support people forced from their homes by the conflict in Syria. One of our partners, Caritas Lebanon is providing food parcels, blankets, clothes and medical aid to Syrian refugee families who have crossed the border to find safety. "Thousands of refugees are flooding in," says Najla Chahda of the Caritas Lebanon Migrant Centre. "All of them are anxious about their unstable situation. Hope is keeping them alive." CAFOD is extremely concerned by the escalating conflict in Syra, and calls on all sides to act with great restraint.

Week beginning 19 August Money raised for CAFOD so far this month:

CAFOD Quest £46.80
box at the back of church £26.97
other donations £20.60
hedgehogs £4
Total - added to CAFOD project funds -

CAFOD says 'If you like running why not join our team in the Great North Run and join 50,000 people running from Newcastle to South Shields on 16 November 2012? Registration fee £46 - minmum spnsorship fee £300.
Go to Cafod for an online form, hints and tips on training, (lots of support on the day), and be part of an amazing experience! (Much more online!)

The Parish CAFOD Group are delighted to be able to tell you that due to more very generous donations, £200, £50 and £20, we have been able to order the third community water supply kit. Again our thanks for your continuing support - we know that many more people in the developing world will have their lives greatly improved through your generosity. We shall be continuing our Cafod work and will let you know our plans soon.

July 2012

Did you know.......Don Bosco Homes is a leading child protection and youth agency in Liberia and receives suppport from CAFOD? Its strengths lie in peace building reuniting children with their families and helping them:

  • to earn a sustainable living from their vocational skills,
  • protecting children in the criminal justice system, and providing legal aid,
  • supporting youth football clubs to decrease youth-instigated conflicts,
  • providing practical care such as night shelters for street children.

Your support gives hope to the 1,300 children who have already passed through the centres. Thank you.

April 2012
The Parish CAFOD Group are pleased to inform you that further donations have been received and sent to CAFOD so that they will be part of the Government 'match' scheme: The Easter Chicks and Bunnies, knitted and donated by a lady in our parish, raised £45 and the Passover meal raised £245. This £290 when doubled will make a great difference to many people's lives in the Developing World. Many thanks once again.
Also, congratulations to Callum and his dad on their fantastic bike ride for CAFOD - 45 miles! 2012
Did you know
...CAFOD is taking early action to lessen the effects of a looming food crisis in Niger? After a poor harvest, food prices are alarmingly high, and millions of people are struggling to afford enough to eat. CAFOD and partner CADEV Niger are already running feeding centres in Niger, and will scale up the response in the coming weeks. Our partners are planning to buy grain and sell it at subsidised prices, give farmers seeds, and pay people with money or with food to work on projects that benefit their communities.Christmas 2011

30 Catholic schools around the diocese who prayed together, holding the needs of the poor at their centre. Their advent service, 'Born to change the world' was supported by CAFOD and the Faith and Justice Commission, taking place in 5 separate parts of the Diocese.

The international alliance of Catholic development agencies, CIDSE, says the G20 summit risks doing 'too little, too slow'? CAFOD Director and CIDSE President Chris Bain said:"The G20 continues to focus on an outdated growth model that leaves the poorest out in the cold - unable to benefit from or contribute to the economy. The G20 should take urgently needed measures to regulate global finance and discourage speculation, tackle sovereign debt issues, and reform the international monetary system."

The CAFOD Harvest Family Fast collection came to £237.09 (inc.£50 cheque).

CAFOD has been entrusted with £1,553,571.43 from the European Commission (EC) for a 'Community Based Green Energy Project' in Kenya? This will improve the lives of 100,000 families, 24 schools, 12 health institutions and 24 rural community groups. Plans include the planting of 20,000 trees, watering them with solar-powered pumps and providing families with solar-powered cookers so that fewer trees will be cut down for fuel. The programme will develop green renewable energy, harnessing the power of the sun - in plentiful supply in Africa.

.CAFOD keeps all of its costs under rigorous scrutiny, especially those associated with fundraising? In 2010-2011 9.7p in every pound donated was spent on fundraising - one of the lowest rates amongst similar leading charities in England, and 89p in every pound went directly to programmes tackling poverty and injustice overseas. We endeavour to be openly accountable for our work, transparent in our decision making, and good stewards o fhte resources entrusted to us.

.CAFOD works with vulnerable communities in Afghanistan? 87% of Afghan women have experienced violence of some sort. Afghan women reflect one of the world's lowest rates of development and education. CAFOD is supporting the Afghan Women's Network to ensure women's voices are heard in Bonn on 5th December, where Foreign Ministers from 90 states will discuss the country's future and thair commitments to spending on aid. Please add your voice to theirs at

..CAFOD Lancaster has raised £722.84 since May 2009 by recycling your old computer inkjet cartridges and mobile phones? We receive £3 for every mobile, and this provides a full course of immunisation for a child in Nigeria. This is a great low cost way to raise funds and support the poorest communities overseas. If you would like a suply of recycling envelopes, please contact CAFOD Lancaster on 01772 733310 or
Thank you for your cintinued support.

The appeal for East Africa is of course still relevant and will remain so for a long time.
Please see the CAFOD page../caring/cafod_olse.htm for the notices and the prayer.

Did you know......CAFOD together with Lancaster Faith and Justice Commission hosted a Conference 'Celebrating Creation' at Lancaster University Chaplaincy Centre on Saturday 15 October with national speakers and workshops. We all have concerns about the environment, but how often do we consider the special understanding we, as Christian, could bring to these issues?
For details of similar events, email Maggie McSherry at the Faith & Justice Commission - or Tel: 01524 383081

CAFOD believes that development must be sustainable, leading to change in our own lifestyles.....

"A way of life that disregards and damages God's creation, forces the poor into greater poverty, and threatens the right of future generations to a healthy environment and to their fair share of the earth's wealth and resources, is contrary to the vision of the Gospel!"
(Call of Creation, CBCEW, 2002)

With your support, we continue to address the effects of changing climate in prayer and action.

Saturday 1 October CAFOD and CLIMATE JUSTICE

CAFOD, Christian Aid and TEARFUND

took part in an inspiring day of campaigning and prayer for climate justice in Manchester.
The world's poorest and most vulnerable people are already suffering the impacts of climate change.
We know that they are being hit first and hardest despite doing the least to cause the problem.
We can be part of the church's response to this injustice.
This is why, on the eve of the Conservative Pary Conference we bore witness to our faith
and asked the government to lead international efforts to support the most vulnerable.
For further details visit: witness

August-September ... More great news from the PARISH CAFOD GROUP !

Due to further donations we now have £1500 and have ordered two water tanks.
We thank you for your continuing support with this work - you can be sure that these water tanks will make a huge difference to families in one of the poorest parts of the world.

Did you know.......that through your response to the crisis in East Africa, CAFOD has provided :
.......... more than 30,800 people with emergency food packs including cereals, pulses and vegetable oil in South Sudan;
.......... more than 3,300 people with food rations including maize, beans and rice in Kenya;
.......... more than 800 malnourished children and pregnant and breast-feeding mothers with supplementary food in Ethiopia?
We continue to stand alongside the weak and vulnerable because of your continued generosity, for which we thank you.

The crisis in East Africa is not, of course, over, so the notice below - especially the appeal - is still relevant!

10 million people are facing a devastating drought in East Africa? We fear that half a million children may become separated from their families as drought grips the region. CAFOD is working urgently alongside our church partners on the front line of the crisis, running feeding stations for the most vulnerable. Please remember our brothers and sisters in the East and in the Horn of Africa at this time.

You can donate through CAFOD. Cheques payable to CAFOD. Send to
Cafod Lancaster, East Africa Crisis Appeal, St Walburge's Centre, St Walburge's Gardens, PRESTON PR2 2QJ

Do you have any spare or left over old coins or banknotes or holiday money?
All donations are gratefully received and proceeds go to CAFOD. See the poster on the notice board

Our parish CAFOD group thanks the donor who recently gave £750 toward's CAFOD's work

Please continue to support the work of CAFOD because it does make a difference.

Bike for Boreholes for Ethiopia

Join Team CAFOD and ride through the famous Blackpool Illuminations. Enjoy the lights, raise funds for Ethiopia at the same time – 20 places available. To register, phone CAFOD on 01772 733310 or email:

Turn dry, dusty land into a green oasis and help thousands of families in Ethiopia overcome drought and famine.

Turn dry, dusty land into a green oasis and help thousands of families in Ethiopia overcome drought and famine.

Did you know that.... in the regions of Arato and Maytsedo in Northern Ethiopia 2600 households will directly benefit from the boreholes. A similar programme in Beira in Tigray has seen a 300% improvement in the crop production.


BBC's Songs of Praise focussed on CAFOD on Sunday 28th August.

Catholic + Friday = Penance

The Bishops of England and Wales have reminded us that a Catholic should accompany Our Lord on a Friday by voluntary penance. It is an obligation of our Faith. They have said that we should do without meat every Friday as part of our shared common identity as Catholics.
(Of course, there are people who aren't obliged -
see the mauve papers hanging in the porch for fuller information. If you want a copy, please ask)

This notice is important in other respects too. Our increasing consumption of meat is distorting the provision of food for the whole world. Vast acres of vital rain forest and other land are needed for the raising of cattle. Unfortunately over-fishing of the world's oceans is also causing problems - as stocks become depleted the fish are unable to multiply!. There are other ways of carrying out these precepts rather than just substituting fish, especially those in short supply. We should be prepared to eat the less endangered fish or even substitute beans and pulses which are not only highly nutritious and require many fewer acres to produce them but are also much cheaper! In that way we could make Fridays not only 'penintential' but help CAFOD and other agencies feed the poor by giving them what we have saved! We are all born to 'change the world!'

July & August : 10 million people are facing a devastating drought in East Africa? We fear that half a million children may become separated from their families as drought grips the region. CAFOD is working urgently alongside our church partners on the front line of the crisis, running feeding stations for the most vulnerable. Please remember our brothers and sisters in the East and in the Horn of Africa at this time.

Lord God, Creator and Giver of all that is, we ask you to bring the peoples of Africa beneath your loving care;
Their children are hungry and their land is dry,
Lord God, bringer of hope, your love brings water to flow in the desert and light into the darkness of despair.
Show us how to be witnesses to your love and bearers of your light, alongside our sisters and brothers,
who face the urgent challenges and terrible fears of lasting drought.

You can donate through CAFOD. Cheques payable to CAFOD. Send to
Cafod Lancaster, East Africa Crisis Appeal, St Walburge's Centre, St Walburge's Gardens, PRESTON PR2 2QJ

Do you have any spare or left over old coins or banknotes or holiday money?
All donations are gratefully received and proceeds go to CAFOD. See the poster on the notice board

Our parish CAFOD group thanks the donor who recently gave £750 toward's CAFOD's work

Please continue to support the work of CAFOD because it does make a difference.

4 July....This week we focus on how CAFOD is part of the wider global Caritas Internationalis family, forming one of the largest humanitarian networks in the world. This year the Caritas Internationalis celebrates its 60th anniversary.

June. ......we focused on East Afrida where eight million people are facing food and water shortages as a drought worsens. Poor rains in East Africa have led to failed harvest, serious water and pasture shortages and the deaths of thousands of animals. The east Africa region is stlll recovering from one of the worst droughts in recent history. More than 20 million people faced life-threatening shortages of food and water in 2009 following successive years of failed rains.
This is an ongoing crisis which becomes more severe every couple of years, says Fergus Conmee from our humanitarian team. "That's why we can't just deliver food and water. We need to find ways to reduce the impact of further droughts."

May......CAFOD is part of Kenya Climate Change Working Group ( a group of National and International NGO's ) and have given £20,000 to help raise the Kenyan public's awareness of climate change and help Kenya to be the first African government to introduce Climate Change legislation? Back-to-back droughts have worn away people's ability to cope and are pushing people into chronic poverty. CAFOD is working hard with partners to develop coping strategies in difficult circumstances.
Please continue to support the work of CAFOD because it does make a difference.

April......The CAFOD group would like to thank everyone who supported the Fairtrade Stall last weekend (the first in April). We sold £59 worth of Fair Trade goods. Thanks also to those who bought the Easter bunnies and chicks - a fantastic £87.75 was raised for our next CAFOD project! Many thanks also to the very generous lady who knitted and donated them. Finally, thanks also to those who have donated a further £75.30 towards our next Parish CAFOD project.

March.......CAFOD is responding to the Cote d'Ivoire and Liberia refugee crisis. Tens of thousands of people are fleeing from violence in Cote d'Ivoire. Hundreds of people have been killed and at least 75,000 have fled into neighbouring Liberia. Many are exhausted after walking hours or even days with very little food. Liberia is already one of the poorest countries in the world. They have pledged £100,000 to provide food and other essentials and to build latrines that will prevent the spread of disease. CAFOD's fundamental response is compassion rooted in love.

24 March Anniversary of the Assassination of Archbishop Oscar Romero in El Salvador
'The Church would betray its own love for God and its fidelity to the Gospel if it stopped being a defender of the rights of the poor,' he said in 1978. He knew that there would be no development without peace but just as importantly, there would be no peace without justice. CAFOD has worked in El Salvador since the early 1970's and continues to stand in solidarity with the poor and oppressed..


Many thanks to those who supported Fairtrade by buying from the stall last week. We sold £134.30 worth of Fairtrade goods, showing the parish's continuing commitment to helping people in the Developing World.

Our Catholic faith underpins our work, and prayer is an integral part of what we do and who we are. To be able to pray and reflect together will hopefully inspire us to continue our work in the knowledge that the Holy Spirit never fails. We hope to enjoy each other's company with a shared lunch following each meeting and ask participants to bring a little food to share.

*CAFOD-OLSE are very pleased to tell you that with the money raised since last July we have recently purchased from Word Gifts the foll.:-

4 bikes @£50
Chickens, from What Your Money can Buy
Vegetable Garden
6 Water Filters (Nigeria), from Side by Side
200x daily glass of Soya milk & a soya biscuit for pregnant women (El Salvador)
Sincere thanks to everyone who has supported this very worthwhile work.
FAIRTRADE GOODS will be on sale next weekend. Please continue to support our stall.

Report of the CAFOD meeting on 12 January:
A session with Year 6 young people to help them prepare for Confirmation has been planned at the request of Fr Kevin and this will be held on Wednesday 2 February in the parish centre from 6.30-8,00 pm. The aim of the evening is to show the action of the Holy Spirit through the work of CAFOD. 10 Catechists have volunteered to help with this and there will be a meeting for them to prepare for the session on Wednesday 26 January at 7.00 pm in the Parish Centre.
The pupils are also to take part in a day of preparation at Tabor on 21st January, beginning with Mass in our Church at 9.00 am. The young people will then walk to Tabor for 10 am. Those attending should bring a packed lunch.
Confirmation Preparation will continue at the 6.00 pm Saturday evening or 10.30 am Sunday morning Mass on the weekends of 16th, 23rd and 30th January and the 6th February. Those involved are invited to walk with or sit with the young people at all these events.
The Confirmation will take place on Thursday 10 February at 7.00 pm.

In answer to a question about the bicycles donated to CAFOD, they were specifically for Nigeria.
£518 (less £75 now passed on to central funds) has been donated to CAFOD for the next OLSE project,
Ideas for new projects include filters (using charcoal) for roof-top drainage to provide safe water in Nigeria
Christmas cards proved very popular and sales raised about £230.


From OLSE Cafod Group – .Our thanks to everyone who supported the Fairtrade stall and Christmas card sales in November and December. In November sales totalled £170.07 and in December £114.35; it is very encouraging to us that so many of our parishioners are committed to FAIRTRADE and CAFOD. The next Fairtrade stall will be in February.


Since we began the stall last September we have sold over £800 worth of Fairtrade goods

CAFOD six months on from the Pakistan floods, has delivered vital help to more than 120,000 people? Kunja and Sufon lost almost everything in the floods that struck the village. They fled with their nine children, clutching as many possessions as they could carry, their home reduced to a pile of mud. CAFOD partners have helped villagers to construct new shelters which are now being adapted into permanent houses. Thanks to your amazing generosity we were able to support thousands of families to begin the laborious process of rebuilding their lives.

CAFOD is stepping up efforts to fight the cholera outbreak in Haiti? Poor sanitary conditions and flooding as a result of Hurricane Tomas are putting more and more people at risk. The disease has killed more than 1,250 people. 20,000 have been referred to hospital and an estimated 52,000 Haitians are now said to be symptomatic.  CAFOD  is bolstering the work of Caritas partners in the fight against the most severe outbreak of cholera in Haiti’s history

CAFOD works in Nicaragua, one of the poorest countries in the Western hemisphere, with an estimated 4.3 million people living in poverty? Despite having an abundance of land and natural resources, Nicaragua is unable to produce enough food to feed its population. We fund drip irrigation systems so farmers can feed their crops exactly the right amounts of water. This reduces soil erosion and vulnerability to heavy rainfall. We walk alongside poor and disadvantaged communitie3s, making their cause our cause, uniting in action and prayer.

In 2005,SUDAN embraced peace and agreed the people of the south must decide their own future. In January 2011, southern Sudanese will vote whether or not to become a separate nation. It’s a moment of hope and fear. The current fragile peace is at risk and violence could break out again. We pray for a peaceful outcome. CAFOD urges the UK government to play its part. Join your voice to ours and stand in solidarity with the people of Sudan at


Thank you to everyone who gave to CAFOD’s Harvest Day collection, and/or signed up to a regular gift. Our parish raised an impressive £515.37 which will help communities who are suffering from the effects of warfare, natural disasters and poverty.

Many thanks to all who came to our Soup Lunch on 2nd October and so generously donated £234.91. The group really appreciates this support. Together with other donations received since July we now have over £400 towards the next project. The CAFOD Group also thanks the anonymous donor who, after reading about our first project, gave £50 for another bike for a Community Health Worker.

The BOTTLE ON THE BAR in the Parish Centre which was for CAFOD was emptied recently. £40 has been sent to CAFOD and a letter of thanks is on the Centre notice board.

The CAFOD Preston meeting at St Ignatius on the evening of Wednesday 15 September was to give updates on their work internationally and locally. We were able to provide two bicycles for a Primary Health Care unit in Nigeria out of the fundraising in our parish, after which a parishioner donated (anonymously) enough to buy a third bicycle. These will of course benefit many more people than just those riding them! The following evening the Parish CAFOD Group, now over 12 strong, met to arrange the Soup Lunch for the Harvest Fast Day of 2nd October and to hear about other initiatives and proposals. Fr Kevin was keen to point out that it would be a good idea if some at least, in not all, of the candidates on the list for Confirmation early next year could be inspired to get involved in some way, caring for others being an essential part of being a confirmed Christian. Dates for the next meetings were set, one to decide on the next parish project, and a quite separate one to follow up the idea of a Junior CAFOD, dates etc as listed in the notices.

Saturday 4 September: CAFOD DAY with report from Mike O'Callaghan
Everyone was invited to a CAFOD day in September in Preston at Tabor for the afternoon of Saturday 4th September, starting with a soup lunch. Sarah Smith-Pearse from our Latin America Team was our keynote speaker: she's visited Ethiopia and El Salvador recently and was out in Brazil and Columbia over the summer - so she had up to the minute stories of CAFOD's work over there. Then there were workshops, one run by James Tyrrell - from CAFOD Liverpool, this one specifically for young leaders.! He comes from a youth work background, now working for CAFOD. Lucy Hurn is from CAFOD's Campaigns Team - she was covering the current 'Act On Poverty' campaign - this might be something the IMPACT group can take forward in the autumn..."

Mike says : The key note talk was given by Sarah Smith–Pearse on CAFOD’s work in Latin America. Under the headings below she gave examples of work she is involved in:
Fighting for Climate Justice-e.g. helping Bolivian people lobby climate conference in Copenhagen.
Connect – link parishes from the North and South.
Disasters preparedness-e.g. build a bridge which would allow escape from an area which could be flooded.
Campaigning for the homeless e.g. conversion of a disused building into flats.

Sarah gave four reflections on CAFOD’s work:
1 People not money. CAFOD has great people resources.
2 Interdependence between the North and South. NOT the powerful helping the weak, both sides have much to offer.
3 Development process complex. It is long term and involves changes in society.
4 CAFOD a people’s organisation. There should be solidarity between North and South.

Mike attended two of the workshops: firstly with Young CAFOD, using icebreakers, games, and activities to convey messages on global justice. Great fun but with some very hard hitting messages. Rosa has all materials which can be borrowed and could perhaps be used in confirmation classes.
The second was on the connection of climates globally. 'In the UK we have a large number of new MPs who need to know that their action on climate change is urgent and important for the electorate.' The workshop made it clear that there are three practical things OLSE CAFOD group can get involved in:
_______A. An individual from the group becoming an MP Correspondent- write to /visit/our MP. Starter pack available.
_______B. The Big Climate connection. A lobby of our MP on the 5th /6th Nov. Working with other interested groups. There is a Lobby pack available.
There are basically three issues: International: UN climate talks in Cancun
spaceNational: The energy bill
spaceLocal: a climate change issue relevant to us and our MP.
_______C Act on Poverty – send 10,000 messages by 10/10/2010. He has the campaign action pack available, with pre printed cards distributed and collected at Church. This is something in which the youth - the Impact Group in particular, could be involved.

Bookstall in the porch - a great way to support and help highlight the work of CAFOD

Following the humanitarian disaster in Pakistan CAFOD has pledged £750,000 to our partners, Catholic Relief Services (CRS), Cordaid (Caritas Netherlands), and Caritas Pakistan. CAFOD immediately sent £100,000 to CRS who have already reached 23,000 people, providing them with emergency kits including plastic sheeting, blankets and cooking utensils and hygiene kits including water purification tablets, soap, sanitary cloths and towels. Our partners are also distributing food and clean drinking water. Thank you for remembering our sisters and brothers in need in Pakistan and your continued support in prayer.

Supporters can donate online to ‘The Pakistan Floods Appeal’ at or alternatively make cheques payable to CAFOD Pakistan Floods Appeal’ and send it to the local CAFOD office at: CAFOD Lancaster, St Walburge’s Centre, St Walburge’s Gardens, Preston PR2 2QJ. Tel: 01772 733310

Spring 2010
Anna Moir has run for CAFOD. She would like to thank all those who have generously supported her in the marathon which raised £2,814 for CAFOD When the 'Gift Aid' is added this will increase to £3200. 'Thank you once again for all that Our Lady and St Edward's parish does for CAFOD.' Rose Trelfa(CAFOD - Lancaster Diocesan Manager)

The Haiti Earthquake Appeal raised £2257.52 for CAFOD (including £500 which the Parish Pastoral Council agreed to send from parish funds. Thanks for this wonderful response. Let us continue to keep the people of Haiti in our prayers.

26 January Meeting
This considered the 50th Anniversary of the FAMILY FAST DAY which takes place in Lent. We also heard from a young volunteer on the 'Step into the Gap' programme recently who returned from a 5 week placement in Nigeria
The parish is exploring ways of being involved with CAFOD and its projects, like those listed here:
______ support for the diocese of Moroto in Uganda to facilitate peace building and reconciliation? Conflict in the region, manifested itself through cattle rustling and fighting over water and pasture. Last year the number of small arms surrendered increased significantly and joint agricultural activities between two ethnic groups has reduced levels of conflict. CAFOD's vision is a world transformed to reflect the Kingdom of God; a world where the structures that shape people's lives are just and enable pea
______to help transform the world to reflect the Kingdom of God; a world where the structures that shape people's lives are just and enable peace.

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