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The connection between the Parish of Kalomo, Zambia, and Our Lady and St Edward's Parish in Fulwood, Preston, began with Peter Williams who spent a year there living and helping at a mission run by the Union of Presentation Sisters from Eire. The nearest airport is that of Livingstone (Maramba) on the border south of Kalomo which is more than 50 miles away. (The capital, Lusaka, is much further, more than halfway to the narrower 'neck' of the country). It is nearly all 'high' country, well above sea level, specialising in cattle and maize.

Some years later Peter welcomed Fr Charles, a young priest from Kalomo, who then spent some time in our parish. One of Charles' many stories was about getting to school as a young lad. He always took a big stout stick as it was a very long walk, setting off at about 6 am to reach school at 9 o'clock, with an equally long journey back at the end of the day. Why the stick? It was in case he met a lion anywhere on that long walk! Fortunately he never did, but it was always a possibility!

Zambia is in the heart of Africa, surrounded by Angola on the west, Zaire to the north, then Tanzania, Mozambique, Malawi (which is quite small in comparison, Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Botsana sharing a border with all of them. Its shape is odd but appropriate, like that of a big cat lying down but looking back at its own tail. Kalomo is the home of the Batonga people.


Rev. Peter Williams R.I.P.

A typical 'presentation' to Peter at the end of one of the parish holidays he organised, intended especially for people who were bereaved or single. This photo was taken on arriving back in the parish centre after the first trip to Lake Como in Italy.


Recently £685 has been paid into the KALOMO account. £220 has been donated by the Parish Bible study group.
Many thanks for your generosity.
£465 was from the after church bucket collection.
Thank you again for your continued and faithful support of the mission in Kalomo. Barbara Ryan

Sunday 4 March £319-36 has recently been paid into the KALOMO account, the result of fund raising by OLSE school
Many thanks to all the children, parents and teachers who helped make this generous donation possible.
Sr Mary is very grateful for the continued support of the mission in Kalomo. Barbara Ryan

Recently £820 has been paid into the KALOMO account
was the amount collected in the buckets after Sunday Masses.
£110 was a donation from the raffle held at the Epiphany party.
Many thanks for your continued support of Sr Mary and the Zambian Mission


June/July - Recently £535 from the bucket collection has been paid into the Kalomo account. Many thanks to everyone for their continued generosity and to all those involved in collecting the money. Barbara Ryan

May - For KALOMO in Zambia: A further £525 from the bucket collection at the church door has just been banked. Thank you all very much. Barbara Ryan.

April - Thank you for the £466-73, paid into the Kalomo account, a donation from fund- raising at Our Lady and St Edward’s primary school. Barbara Ryan
The Passover Supper in Holy Week also raised £134 for Kalomo (along with the same for Cafod)

March 2017
£520 has recently been paid into the KALOMO account, made up of £450 from the bucket collection and a donation of £70.
Many thanks for all your continued generosity. Sr Mary writes to say that although there is drought and famine throughout Africa , the area where they live is all right at the moment. So that is good news for them. The rains have come and the harvest looks promising. Barbara Ryan

February -
was paid into the Kalomo account, from the bucket collection.
Sr Mary asks me to thank you all for your continued generosity and support of the mission in Zambia.
She is well and hopes to be back to see us later in the year. Barbara Ryan.
January -
We raised £100 with the raffle at the Epiphany Party. This has now been forwarded to the Kalomo account.


November 2016 Sister Mary visited our parish and spoke to everyone at all the Masses. She was delighted to receive £300 from the bucket collection for Kalomo!

October 2016 A further £495 has recently been paid into the Kalomo account, the proceeds of the bucket collection.
Sister Mary will hopefully be visiting Preston in November and will be giving everyone an update on how things are progressing in Zambia. Barbara Ryan

March 2016 Kalomo & CAFOD :

The Passover Supper in Holy Week raised £100.50 each for these two, (total £201) both amounts being paid to Kalomo and CAFOD the following day.
(UKaid will have helped to double these donations!)

Thank you to all the people who came, to all the helpers, those who cooked the food, those who helped to set the tables in the afternoon, and especially to those who, although not involved, still helped to put up tables, lift down crockery from the high cupboards, and ensure that we had flowers on the tables. (The flowers were later placed in church). Everyone present helped, contributing so much by their presence and their enthusiasm - especially in singing and/or providing additional accompaniment for the singing!

Looking forward to next year! Do remember to book early as numbers are limited, children are welcome and there are always many 'repeat' bookings! (If you've never been, do look at 'Passover' with its full and illustrated explanation of what it's about.

It is NOT a 'Jewish Passover'. Jesus was a practising Jew and it was at his last Passover that he instructed the Apostles to 'Do this in memory of me!' The focus of the new Passover was to be on the sacrificial lamb. That lamb was from the next day, Good Friday, to be himself, the 'Lamb of God'!


January 2016 : Thank you for £350 which has been paid into the Kalomo account, the proceeds of the bucket collection and a very generous anonymous donation. Barbara Ryan

December 2015 : £335 has just been paid into the Kalomo account, proceeds of the bucket collection. Many thanks again for the continued generosity at this season when you have many expenses. Barbara Ryan

November 2015: Many thanks for the £455, proceeds of the bucket collection, recently paid into the Kalomo account. As you all know, a little goes a long way in Africa. Barbara Ryan

2015 - Sr Mary's Jubilee

Sr Mary
Sr Mary

Emblem of Nano Nagle
founder of the Presentation nuns
1716 -1784


Sr Mary cutting her cake


In September £445 has been paid into the bank for Kalomo, the proceeds of the bucket collection. Many thanks. Barbara Ryan

2015 Progress report on developments in Kalomo


In February

A further cheque paid into the KALOMO account of £540-83 from OLSE school.
Thank you to the children, parents and teachers for their ongoing support of Sr Mary and Kalomo. Barbara Ryan

The classroom shelter is all the children have for shelter. In a few months they will have a lovely little school.

The parents are very poor and try
to get some payment together
for the untrained teachers
now operating in this shelter
and under the trees."

Building work in progress!

Peter left a legacy to St Musaka School where he taught and they have built the Assembly Hall in his memory.
The school is in progress. There will be three classrooms and an office, and the local District have promised teachers.

Photos courtesy of Barbara Ryan

KALOMO update – January 2015
£480 has recently been paid into the KALOMO account, from the bucket collection at the Sunday Masses. Also paid in a donation of £200. Many thanks to the faithful people of Our Lady and St Edwards, especially over the Christmas season when there are so many other commitments on people's finances. Also, £252 paid into the Kalomo account (£110 was from the raffle at the Epiphany meal and £152 from the Primary School, raised on the Christmas jumper day)”. Many thanks. Barbara Ryan

KALOMO update – 5th December 2014
“Sr. Mary is so grateful for the continued support which helps enormously with the daily running of the mission. While Peter's legacy to Kalomo will fund the building of a school where the children at the moment are taught in an open shelter, the money raised by the parish in his memory will build the teacher's house , so all the government has to do is provide a teacher. He would be so pleased to know that he will be remembered over there in something that was so important to him...the education of the children because they are the hope of the future” Barbara Ryan.


In the year 2011 the buckets raised £4,405. Our primary school and PTA raised over £3,000 and together with many private donations the total amount raised in 1011 was £11,292, a magnificent sum.
Our new initiative, the waste paper collection, raised £74. 80% of the people are subsistence farmers, with no regular income; a well-paid teacher may earn £60 per month. So our funds give great support to that parish. It provides fuel to enable priests to travel to outstations in the bush and it is helping Sr Mary to build houses for orphaned families, and assists in the farming projects. So many people benefit from your help. The toys were given out at two parties that Sr Mary organised. Thank you all. Peter

September 2011
Thank you for your continued support. In the last financial year the Bucket Collection raised the magnificent sum of £4,600. The last container of waste paper on the car park produced £28. Every penny goes to Kalomo. Keep loading the skip. Sister Mary is well and will be visiting us again in October, and she will tell us how the money is being used.

Maundy Thursday report 2004
This year £5352 was raised, of which £3052 came from the Bucket collection outside church, £1332 from the Parish and £80 from the Bible Study (Passover Supper)

Sunday 26th October 2003
Sr Mary Lucy received a clean bill of health. She spoke a few words at the end of Mass thanking the parish for their prayers and support over the last eleven years for the parish of Kalomo, Zambia. The donations in the buckets after Sunday Masses have enabled a new house to be built and she took back seed for them so that they were able to grow more food for themselves the next year.

June 2001 __The two Zambian students we helped completed their studies and were ordained , Solomon Tembo on the 30th June 2002 at Kabwe and Christopher Chenga on 2nd July at Chenga.
____________Sister Mary Lucey was given the 'all clear and returned to Zambia on July 4th 2002.
____________Sister Mary Canfield in Kalomo wrote thanking those parishioners who had sent Easter eggs and telling of the children's great delight in tasting chocolate for the first time.

Peter (our Deacon) visited Zambia in August 2002 with Fr. John Walsh. They were based with Fr. Paul Swarbrick in Chivuna but spent a few days in Kalomo. There they met two young Zambian priests who look after the parish. Peter hoped to make contact with the head of the primary school with a view to establishing a relationship with the school which he is confident would be of mutual benefit from the cultural point of view.

Sunday March 12th 2000 Building houses in Zambia : A tombola and new goods stall in the Parish Centre after the morning Masses raised £150. Thank you to all who helped and contributed. The items that were left were raffled. The total raised in Jubilee Year, 2000, by the bucket collection outside church after the Sunday Masses was £2567.