Sponsoring Seminarians

first posted 1/12/2016

The last thing Jesus Christ said before ascending into heaven was:
“Go, therefore, make disciples of all the nations …… ” (Matthew 28:19)

The primary function of the Church is to carry out Christ’s instruction.

The church in the UK - including the Lancaster diocese and the town of Preston - now increasingly rely on priests born overseas and trained in their own country.

Ordained priests are central to this mission.The training of priests is the responsibility of all church members.
Home grown vocations are extremely low.

The parish council of OLSE is being asked to:

1. Guarantee, out of church funds, the total cost of sponsoring the training of 1 priest – a total cost of £4,000 over 8 years.

2. Enlist the support of MISSIO (Mission Today), through the Society of St Peter the Apostle to manage the sponsorship.
SPA is mandated by Pope Francis to support seminarians in mission dioceses throughout the World.

3. Encourage individuals and families to sponsor other seminarians.


Bro. Davidson Neweze

Brother Davidson is a 1st Year Theology Student
at Bigard Seminary in Enugu, Nigeria.

Our Lady and St Edward's Parish Council
have agreed to sponsor his training for the priesthood
at a cost of £500 a year.


Financing of Seminarians– the rationale
(see both columns 1, & 3) presented to the Parish Council, and with which they unanimously agreed :

It is countries in the developing world that are providing us with priests. This dependence on overseas priests is likely to continue for the foreseeable future.

Fr. Ernest & Fr. Mario are 2 Nigerian priests who now serve
St. Mary’s Fernyhalgh
Our Lady’s Shrine at Ladyewell.

£500 will finance the cost of 1 years training for a Nigerian seminarian.

MISSIO will provide details of the supported seminarians including photos and regular updates. Correspondence with the seminarian will be through MISSIO.

We will keep you informed of his progress. Please pray for him and all Seminarians.

Correspondence on and after - 5 August 2016

Dear Bro Davidson

Our parish are pleased that we are able to assist you financially with your training for the priesthood. In addition we wish to assure you of our prayers and good wishes.

Mass will be said for you and your fellow seminarians at 6.00 pm on Saturday 10 December 2016 in our church.

Our parish was formed in 1943 and has the benefit of a Catholic Primary School for children age 5 – 11 when most pupils transfer to Our Lady’s Catholic High School to complete their Secondary Education.

We are a very active parish and there are 44 groups and societies linked to our community. In the future we will tell you a little more about these groups and the work that they do.

As a Christian community, supporting the poor and less privileged groups and individuals both locally, nationally and internationally, is a priority. To this end we undertake fund raising for Cafod, as well as supporting the work of The Presentation Sisters in Kalomo, Zambia. We also support the work of the Saint Vincent de Paul Society locally.

Please remember us all in your prayers and when you have time please correspond with us through Missio and tell us about yourself and how you are progressing with your studies.

We look forward to hearing from you.

God Bless you,
Fr Robert Horn

Dear Mr McGrath,

We are delighted to enclose details of the student your parish Our Lady and St Edward are sponsoring along with a photograph. Please hold your student in prayer, as he will you.

Bro Davidson Neweze is from Bigard Memorial Seminary in Nigeria.

As a parish you may wish to correspond with him. If this is the case the card enclosed gives you the necessary information. Please note that all letters are to be sent through the office at Eccleston Square, London. Letters need not be frequent; three times a year is adequate, avoiding the July and August holiday break where possible.

As a sponsor you can opt to support Bro Neweze through prayers and donations without being in correspondence.

Thanks to your support gifted young men are being trained to help bring God's love to all those who need it.

With best wishes,

Jessica de Souza, Fundraising Administrator