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Churches Together

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Churches Together in Britain and Ireland
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Pilgrims Together:
Durham Cathedral
Rievaulx Abbey
St Patrick's Chapel, Heysham
Lanercost Priory & Carlisle Cathedral
Ripon and Harrogate
Saltaire, and the Moravians at Pudsey

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Church of England
Victoria Road,

St John the Baptist's,
Church of England
Garstang Road,



St Martin's Chapel,
Fulwood, Preston

St Cuthbert's,
Church of England
Lytham Road, Fulwood
The old church

Fulwood United
Reformed Church
Symonds Road,

St Clare's
Roman Catholic
Sharoe Green Lane, Fulwood

St Anthony's
Roman Catholic
Cadley Causeway, Fulwood
St Peter's Chapel,
Fulwood, Preston
(in the school)

Fulwood Methodist Church
Withy Trees, Fulwood

Our Lady & St Edward's
Roman Catholic
Marlborough Drive, Fulwood

Pilgrims Together

(illustrated below)

Much of the impetus for the forming of the Covenant came from the personal friendship of Fr. Francis Worden, the former parish priest of Our Lady and St Edward's and Canon Adams, the former Vicar of St John's, Broughton.

Unity Week
Church Unity Week in 1970 began with a series of annual sermons in one another's pulpits and the Call to the North two years later brought further steps towards ecumenism. The church leaders in the north of England called for combined efforts to evangelise those in ignorance of the Christian message. Crosses were carried through different parts of the northern counties and invitations were made to attend a service in Preston Parish Church where a cross was briefly erected before being taken on its way. from "A Story of the Parish" by T.A.Smith

In Fulwood members of the Anglican, Methodist and Roman Catholic Churches joined together in a short service on the playing fields, now known as St George's, on Good Friday. This became an annual event for a few years but was eventually discontinued because of the uncertainty of the weather.

However moves were being made by the Preston Council of Churches to promote inter-denominational co-operation and areas were divided into smaller groupings for this purpose. The local parishes took the title of Fulwood and Broughton Council of Churches, each providing a clerical and a lay representative. They were involved for several years in organising the joint services of Unity Week in January and also in a highly successful project of arranging holidays for 30 Belfast Catholic and Protestant children. Enthusiasm for the work of this Council led to the signing of a Covenant, the first in the Lancaster Diocese. All the religious leaders of the parishes were involved at a special service in January 1988

Since the Covenant was signed we have worked hard to form friendships between members of the various churches. We hold regular joint services which vary from quiet meditation to an experience of the various worship traditions of each church.

Young people as well as old have always been encouraged to participate. One such gathering was at Corpus Christi High School on January 2nd 2000 for a celebration of the Millenium and recently we have regularly met in each other's churches for Church Unity Week.

Guild 1992
For the 1992 Preston Guild the churches co-operated for the first time in a joint procession. So many wished to take part that it had to take place over two days, the west of the town on the Monday and the east on the Tuesday. This was so successful that it was felt in the Fulwood and Broughton churches that there should be an annual event of a similar kind. For a couple of years the procession was organised with two floats, one for the band and the other for the music group. It took place in July. The Walk of Witness, as it came to be known, continued to be popular and well-attended for a number of years at one or other of the churches or chapels of the covenant until July 1999 when it had to be called off because of torrential rain after people had assembled at St Peter's to walk to St Clare's.

Guild 2012

Annual Pilgrimage - September

urham 1999 and 2006

The first 'Pilgrimage' for
Fulwood and Broughton
Churches Together

Ampleforth andRievaulx Abbey 2000

Representatives of all the churches of the covenant filled a coach for a visit to Rievaulx Abbey in Yorkshire; we had been given permission to hold a service in the ruins of the Abbey. On the return journey we visited Ampleforth and were given a guided tour

Lanercost Priory and
Carlisle Cathedral

Farewell 2003
to Fr Bernard, Fr Kevin & Rev.Eddie Burns, held at the Methodist Parish Centre, With Trees


2003 Nantwich

Ripon and Harrogate 2004

Saltaire, and the
Moravian Community at Pudsey
also a repeat visit to Saltaire

Chester 2009
and again in 2014

Carol Singing at Christmas
2001, 2003, 2007

Unity Week
is usually about the 2nd - 3rd week of January. Most churches arrange a special service on the theme chosen for that year. These are spread over the week so that as many people as possible can visit a number of churches other than their own. The theme for Unity Week this year (2015) was fountains and the role of water used for baptism, for cleansing and for life.

Informal visits can occur at any time

Photos below from a past service in Our Lady & St Edward's when we were joined by members of the other Fulwood & Broughton churches and our Bishop Patrick (O'Donoghue) who had come as part of a Deanery visit and attended as a member of the congregation. He is seen here talking to Fred.


Churches Together at Christmas 2001

Carols at Booths on a Saturday morning near Christmas, transferred a couple or more years later to the hospital and now a regular and popular event.


and more carol singing past and present

Members from Churches Together of Fulwood and Broughton singing carols at Booths - Saturday 20th December 2003
Christmas Carols at the hospital Christmas Carols at the hospital Christmas Carols at the hospital
Christmas Carols around the Churches Together banner in the waiting area of Preston Royal Hospital 2007.
now an annual tradition.