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St John the Baptist's


in the Diocese of Blackburn

Church of England

St John the Baptist's church stands on the border between Preston and the surrounding countryside beside the busy A6 road from Preston to Garstang. In front is its extensive ancient graveyard and its primary school is tucked nearly out of sight behind. It supports two chapels-of-ease, St Martin's and St Peter's, which help to serve large estates in Fulwood.

The foundation date of St John's 'Broghton' is unknown. It probably existed in the 14th century and definitely by 1460. By the 19th century it had got into a dilapidated state so it was pulled down and rebuilt in 1826, the only undisturbed part remaining being the old tower with a date of 1533 inscribed on it. The roof of the chancel is inscribed with the date 1537. The population in 1645 was said to be 600 families.

Its records begin in 1603 and go up to 1900. The originals are still extant and copies are held at the County Record Office on microfilm and in print, being also indexed by the IGI and in printed form, by Boyd's Marriage Index


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