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United Reformed Church


The rebuilding and refurbishment of this church have now been completed, the building being mostly reduced by a complete storey.
The new entrance on Symonds Rd, seen here, has a fresh and friendly appearance and alongside it is the new notice-board.

Churches Together

United Reformed

(Union of Congregational and Presbyterian)

Like St Cuthbert's this church began with a school, in this case a Sunday school in Moor Park Academy. A piece of land then was bought in Brackenbury Road for a church, a school and a caretaker's house. A memorial stone was laid on 23 September 1897 and the first open meeting was held in May 1899.

The amalgamation of the Garstang Road Congregational church and St Margaret's Presbyterian church took place in 1960 and the integration took place gradually between 1968 and 1972. For the first time members of both churches walked together in the Free Church procession in the Preston Guild of 1972. The union was completed in1973. A further step forward came in 1992 when the churches of all the major denominations joined together in the Guild procession.