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This is a new page (2014) intended as a celebration of people in the parish who, in their own distinctive way, contributed to spread the message of the Good News. Further contributions here are welcome, with a photo if possible,but especially a short account of their involvement.


Mary Smith

Mary was very active in this parish and in her retirement from teaching ran the bookstall for many years in spite of increasing difficulties in getting around.
. She set a standard for the display, the photos of which were about to be removed, but they will now be available a little longer in the hopes that they might inspire someone to revive it! Our prayers and condolences to Sister Clare, her sister, and to the family.
Her funeral was held in our parish
on Friday 21 March 2014



He received the Bene Merenti Medal
for many years service to this parish
and to the Church in Preston

Earlier in 2002,
he lit his 66th Easter fire

Chatting with Bishop Patrick during Church Unity week 2002

Mention should also be made of Fred's wife who didn't play such a conspicuous role, but whose support was vital to him, and whose superb cooking was very much appreciated (though anonymously) which must have taken many a weary hour. Many people will remember the wonderful starters and sweets she made for many years for our (Christian version of the) Passover