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A Journey in Prayer


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St Francis de Sales:
'Everyone should pray for half an hour each day, except when they are very busy.
Then they should pray for an hour.'

YouCat pp.260-262. (YouCat is the Youth Catechism version. Copies in porch.)
Chapter 1, How to Pray: the Gift of God’s Presence.

“Praying does not mean listening to yourself speak;
praying means calming down and being still and waiting until you hear God.”

Soren Kierkegaard, 1813-185


How did Jesus pray? Jesus’ life was a single prayer. At decisive moments (his temptation in the desert, his selection of the apostles, his death on the Cross) his prayer was especially intense. Often he withdrew into solitude to pray, especially at night. Being one with the Father in the Holy Spirit – that was the guiding principle of his earthly life.

Jesus prays Psalm 22, which begins with the words: 'My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?' (Ps 22:2). He takes to himself the whole suffering people of Israel, all of suffering humanity, the drama of God’s darkness, and he makes God present in the very place where he seems definitively vanquished and absent'. POPE Benedict XVI . Good Friday 2005

Learning from Jesus how to pray means entering into his boundless trust, joining in his prayer and being led by him, step by step, to the Father. The disciples learned to pray by listening and imitating Jesus, whose whole life was prayer.

The Gift of God’s Presence.-

Suddenly I experienced the silence like a presence.
At the heart of this silence was the One
who is himself silence, peace and tranquillity.”
Georges Bernanos, 1888-1948

CONTEMPLATION = becoming absorbed in God’s presence in prayer. Contemplation is part of the interior, spiritual life, while Action is the active life; they are two sides of devotion to God. In Christianity the two belong inseparably together.

To pray means to think lovingly about Jesus.
Prayer is the soul’s attention that is concentrated on Jesus.
The more you love Jesus, the better you pray.”
Blessed Charles de Foucauld, 1858-1916


REALLY FORGIVING? Without God’s power in us?

Christian evangelist and Ravensbruck concentration camp survivor, Corrie Ten Boom, found herself ill-prepared to meet one of the SS camp guards – now a devout Christian – years later in a church in Munich. When he reached out his hand, her hand stuck to her side. Recalling that 'the angry, vengeful thoughts boiled through me,' she realised that Jesus had died for this man –'was I going to demand more?' And yet she 'felt nothing, not the slightest spark of warmth or charity'. 'I cannot forgive him', she prayed, 'Lord give me your forgiveness.' And suddenly she felt her hand in his.
Salvador Ryan, in magazine Intercom.

Reminder - Prayer and Meditation
Do you find it difficult to pray, to be quiet and relaxed, to keep focused, even if only for a few moments?
Save one or two of these pages and try them out... Also includes a Visit to Fernyhalgh and links to other sites)
Need some Time Out?
Visit Pray as you Go which combines music, scripture and some questions for reflection
in a new, ten-minute prayer session every day. Play it or download it - your choice.
Visit Thinking Faith too - an on line journal reviewing on-going issues of society at large.
Both sites are edited by the Jesuits.


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