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Rosalind Austin, Llewyn Sunderland, Sofia Egidi, Isla Simmons, and Amelie Foy
baptised in the last few weeks.

The following account shows and explains the various ceremonies used when a new Christian is baptised,
as here during a Sunday Mass some years ago

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a new member of our parish
is brought to the font for baptism.
The Baptism Ceremony takes the place of the Homily
The children gather where they can watch The children's liturgy group
watch by the altar steps.
"God the Father of
our Lord Jesus Christ
has freed you from sin,
given you a new birth by water
and the Holy Spirit,
and welcomed you
into his holy people.

Fr Bernard baptises Lewis

  "I baptise you in the name of the Father and of the Son
and of the Holy Spirit."
The deacon lights this year's Easter candle Lewis's own candle is lit from
the Easter candle
"Lewis, you have become a new creation
and have clothed yourself in Christ.
See in this white garment
the outward sign
of your Christian dignity..."
"Lewis, take this white garment..."
Big brother holds the candle for Lewis "Parents and godparents,
this light is entrusted to you
to be kept burning brightly.
This child of yours
has been enlightened by Christ.
He is to walk always as a
child of the light.
May he keep the flame of faith
alive in his heart..."


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