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Marriage and the Family


Did you realise:
With its plan to let same-sex unions be called 'marriage'. the government is now making schools teach that same sex unions are 'marriages' just as much as heterosexual unions, and that children must be taught that they are equally good. It is reported that Whitehall officials exchanged emails stating this, but secretly in case more people reacted against the consultation.

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About 13 years ago a Marriage Preparation workshop was set up in the Preston Deanery with the help of Marriage Care in Preston. Due to the increasing demand for these courses we are now in desperate need for extra volunteers to help run them. No qualifications are needed - just a willingness to help our young people. The one-day workshop is 'relationship-based' and emphasises the importance of good communication. It introduces the coping skills necessary when conflict arises and illustrates ways of solving conflict. It was a fun workshop and over the years we have had very positive feedback from our young couples. Each workshop was held on a Sunday from 10 am - 5 pm at Tabor.

Report by Marie Van Dome

Two years later the Diocesan Commission for Marriage and the Family developed a new workshop aimed at newly-married couples and couples preparing for marriage. The workshop was all about relationships and covered five topics:

These workshops were fun and the emphasis was on building relationships rather than on religious dogma.

The English Martyrs deanery, to which this parish belongs, completed a 2 year pilot scheme. Two teams of four specially trained presenters, themselves married people, led the workshops throughout the two years. The results were very encouraging. The feedback sheets that were anonymously given back to us showed that all the participants gained something from it.

Much publicity has been given to our current high divorce rate and we all have friends and relatives who have suffered through marital breakdown. Relate and Marriage Care counselling is available for people who are in trouble, but we are trying to reach couples at the beginning of their life together. This workshop was designed to help them avoid the kind of problems which can lead to relationship breakdown. There was both time to discuss and time to reflect and we hope that in the future these couples will 'grow together' and not 'drift apart'. We were trying to respond to the challenges facing couples today by helping them to feel positive about marriage and by supporting them in their marriages or long-term relationships.