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The Sacraments

(still 'in preparation'.)

The word 'Sacrament' is formed from the Latin 'sacra' meaning 'holy' or 'sacred'. The Sacraments are means to help us to become 'holy'.

Gospel Quote

Baptism begins our initiation into the life of the church. A full explanation of the ceremonies at Baptism and the meaning of them can be seen here, picturing a parish family, Fr Bernard and servers..
Reconciliation Some photos from preparation for the sacraments.
It is through this that we consider our relationship with God and with other people, the importance of love and forgiveness - forgiving others 'seven times seven' and asking God for his forgiveness for our failures.
Holy Communion We need to eat in order to stay alive - Jesus gave us himself under the form of bread and wine as food for our spiritual journey. A general overview of a typical 'first' occasion can be seen here on the Communion page.
Confirmation A healthy body is not 'static' but is engaged in activity every day. Jesus promised not to leave us to manage by ourselves but sent the Holy Spirit to strenthen us to act, even to be able to do things which are amazing! Just as with the body we grow by exercising this gift.


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