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Canon Robert Horn above is our parish priest and encourages us to develop spiritually and socially to build up our community.

Our church 


The parish of Our Lady and St Edward was founded in 1943 by Fr. Francis Pearson and is in the Lancaster Roman Catholic Diocese.
Regd Charity No 234331.
The present church was completed in 1954 and consecrated in1987.
As new housing estates were built the parish was split into two.
St Clare’s parish taking most of the area east of Garstang Road Preston.
Our parish situated on the west of Garstang Road now links with
St Mary Newhouse at Barton.

Our Lady and St Edward’s Primary School in Lightfoot Lane is considered a good school by Ofsted and is a vital resource for parish families. 

Our Parish Mission Statement

We Pray / We Welcome / We Care

is further explained on other pages of this website.
Our weekly Bulletin found in the porch is an essential guide and summary for our community as it identifies opportunities for involvement in activities and events both in church, parish centre and further afield.