Diocesan Newspapers incl Lancaster Voice

Due to the Coronavirus, we have put as many UK Catholic Diocesan newspapers on one website (www.ChurchPaper.co.uk) so parishioners can stay in contact with their Church and their community.

Please can you promote this – by emailing parishioners, adding a link on your website or by mentioning it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and anywhere else – so we help people who feel isolated and share some hope in our communities.

The website, www.ChurchPaper.co.uk, contains over 600 editions of the following newspapers:
– A&B News
– Cardiff People
– Catholic East Anglia (East Anglia Diocese)
– Catholic South West
– Catholic Pic (Archdiocese of Liverpool)
– Hallam News
Lancaster Voice
– Middlesbrough Voice
– Nottingham Catholic News
– The Pilgrim (Archdiocese of Southwark)
– The Vine (Northampton Diocese)
– UCM News (Union of Catholic Mothers)
– Reach – Catholic Schools Paper

With more papers expected to follow next week. Please help us promote our papers while Masses are suspended. 

All the very best,

Nick Layton