Our missionary Sisters

Sr Maria Dee Lacson and Shienrose La Torre are Sisters of St. Paul of Chartres (SPC), a missionary Congregation, founded in 1696, by Fr. Louis Chauvet, parish priest of Levesville-la-Chenard, a little village in the region of Beauce, South East of Chartres, France. 

Their mission involved working to improve the human and spiritual level of the villagers by educating the girls and visiting the poor and sick. 

SPC are now working in 40 countries, in 5 continents and are still faithful to their first mission. The Mother House is in Chartres, France, and the Generalate is in Rome and the Regional House is in Dublin. 

SPC Philippine Province was founded in 1904 by French missionaries.  About 500 Filipino Sisters are spread all over the archipelago in the ministry of education, health and pastoral.  Some 60 Filipino Sisters are working around the world as missionaries. 

We are blessed to have Sr. Maria Dee Lacson, SPC (38 years in religious life) and Sr. Shienrose La Torre, SPC (20 years in religious life) now working in our Parish.  

It is the Love of Christ that impels the sisters to answer the call to serve Our Lady and St Edward Parish, Fulwood Preston.