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My dear sisters and brothers in Christ,
I welcome this Charter on the Care of Creation, presented here as a statement of where we
stand in the Diocese of Lancaster with regards to the environment.
Ours must be the most beautiful diocese in England. As Christians we recognise in creation
the work of the Creator, and so for many, creation becomes a beginning, the first steps
towards knowing the Lord.
How we live matters. How we live expresses what we believe. How we live reveals something
of the God we follow and worship. Creation is entrusted to us as a foretaste of heaven, to be
respected and cared for.
Our vocation as the People of God is to be a sign of hope to others, and hope is something
very much needed in these times. I commend this Charter on the Care of Creation to you,
hoping you find it an encouragement and something of a challenge to how you live your faith
in these days, wherever the Lord has placed you and whatever your stage and status in life.
I express my gratitude to those who composed it, and extend my blessing to all who actively
take it to heart. Christ is within it.

  • Paul Swarbrick
    Bishop of Lancaster