Supporting our local food bank Share-It

“Share-it “ is grateful for the support received from OLSE parishoners which is delivered weekly to the food bank on a Monday.

There is now an urgent need for

Toilet rolls and disposable nappies particularly size 4 and 5.


Orange Squash, Rice Pudding, Tinned Fruit 

Tinned and instant mash (smash) potatoes.

Tinned beans, peas, carrots , 

Tomatoes and sweet corn.

Pasta and pasta sauces. 

Long life milk and weetabix

Bars of soap, shampoo, tooth paste and brushes.

And not forgetting CUSTARD

Donations can be left either on Fr. Bob’s doorstep or in the box at the front of 4 Belton Hill.

Please contact or 0777 943 6279 if you require us to collect goods you wish to donate.